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The mission of the City of Richmond Department of Infrastructure and Development is to encourage and assist planned growth, safe construction and quality of life improvements for the citizens of Richmond through innovation, partnerships and quality customer service based on the recommendations of the Richmond Comprehensive Plan and guidelines established in the Richmond Code and adopted building rules, codes and standards.

Departmental Organization

Community Development staff serves the Richmond community through various functions related to development, growth, and construction.  Staff secures grant funding for several city departments, administers Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects, as well as informs and educates the community about how the City functions and the work of various departments. Economic Development serves as staff to the Revolving Loan Fund Board and Redevelopment Commission.

Permits and Inspections staff issues permits, reviews development plans, enforces the City’s Building and Housing Codes, performs construction inspections, and provides professional services related to construction and development of the City. As a public safety function, the Building Commissioner and certified building inspectors strive to insure the safety of all building occupants through a rigorous inspection system.   

Planning and Zoning staff coordinates annexations, zoning of property for residential and commercial use, and site design approval. A professional planning staff reviews all projects for conformance to local ordinances and standards, oversees the implementation of proposed plans and developments and the administration of the existing zoning ordinances of the City.  This staff also provides assistance to petitioners through the process of filing documentation for subdivisions, annexations, re-zonings, variances, dedications and vacations of public rights of way. 

Public Works and Engineering staff is responsible for the implementation and/or oversight of planning, design, and construction for the City's infrastructure (Streets, Sidewalks, Curbs, Utilities, etc.). This staff also oversees the management of the City's Airport and Public Transportation System.


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Infrastructure and Development




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