City Receives Grant, Rehabilitates Five Local Roads

April 30, 2021

The City of Richmond is once again the recipient of INDOT’s Community Crossings Grant. The Community Crossings Grantis awarded to communities for local street improvement projects. INDOT awards grants that fund 50% of the project cost with the City of Richmond funding the remaining 50%


Richmond was granted $180,510 from the State to fund five (5) street rehabilitation projects. The projects include the following:


·        Fort Wayne Avenue from North 5thStreet to North 7th Street

·        North "D" Street from Richmond Avenue Bridge to Fort Wayne Avenue

·        North 5th Street from North "A" Street to North "D" Street

·        West Main Street from Main Street Bridge to NW 5th Street

·        South 5th Street from South "A" Street to South "G" Street


This is Richmond’s sixth consecutive year receiving the Community Crossings Grant. In that time, the City has been awarded over $3.5 million from INDOT and rehabilitated 34 miles of street using the Community Crossings Grant.


Official Press Release

Press Contact

Greg Stiens

Director of Public Works

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