Richmond Awarded 2020 LPA Community Crossing Matching Grant

April 20, 2020

For the fourth time, Richmond has received a LPA Community Crossing Matching Grant. This 2020 grant totaling $577,763.25 represents 50% of the estimated total project cost of $1,155,526.50.  The city’s 50% matching funds will come from the Local Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) & Local Road And Street (LRS) Accounts. Additionally, those roads within the city’s TIF district qualify for TIF match funding be appropriated by the city’s Redevelopment Commission. 

The bidding process will begin in late April with construction anticipated to start upon award. Each road is anticipated to take approximately seven days, contingent on weather and scheduling. During which time, traffic will be maintained using flaggers. Complete project construction is anticipated to take six to eight weeks. Selected based on the PASER rating system, the following eighteen roads will be milled and paved:

Union Pike (NW 5th to Industries Rd)
Progress Dr (Union Pike to NW 16th)

N 19th St (E Main to N E St)
N 18th St (E Main to Railroad St)
SW 15th St (US 40 to SW G St)
SW E St (College Ave to High School)
NW A St (NW 24th to NW 28th St)
NW B St (NW 24th to NW 28th St)
NW 24th St (W Main to NW B St)
NW 26th St (W Main to NW B St)
N 7th St (E Main to N A St)
10th St (S A to N A St)
Sailor Street (N 10th to 135 ft East)

S 8th St (S O St to RP&L)
Mendelson Dr (Achieva Parking lot to Manor Dr)

Bold=TIF funded projects 

Richmond was one of 214 Indiana cities, towns, and counties to receive a combined $126.5 million in state matching funds for local road projects through the Next Level Roads: Community Crossings Initiative. The Community Crossings Initiative has provided more than $738 million in state matching funds for construction projects. This latest round garnered more applications than dollars available—making the call for projects highly competitive. 

Press Contact:
Greg Stiens, Director of Public Works and Engineering

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