Historic Preservation Commission Approves Removal of Porches 2110, 2116 E. Main Street

October 13, 2021

On Tuesday, October 12, the Historic Preservation Commission issued two certificates of appropriateness, approving the removal of the porches of 2110 and 2116 E Main Street.

The cases were first brought to the Historic Preservation Commission by the Code Enforcement Department, citing both porches as violating Richmond Municipal Code and a safety hazard for the Richmond community. Because both properties lie within the Linden Hill Conservation District, approval from the Commission was necessary to remove the porches.

Indiana Landmarks President, Marsh Davis, spoke at the meeting. Davis informed the Commission that Indiana Landmarks determined the porches of both properties need to be removed. Davis informed the Commission that Indiana Landmarks is working to find a legal solution to the properties’ clouded ownership and is committed to finding a solution to stabilize and preserve the properties. Indiana Landmarks has covenants on both properties.

Indiana Landmarks will work to document the historical character of both porches with the intent of incorporating the historical design later as the building is stabilized.

The City of Richmond is aware of the historic significance of both properties as well as the public risk they pose in their current condition. The City will continue to monitor the condition of the properties and work with Indiana Landmarks as they seek solutions that will benefit the Richmond community.



Click HERE for the official press release.

Press Contact:

Ian Vanness

City Planner

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