Emergency Demolition of Downtown Building, Road Closure Approved

November 29, 2021

On November 24, 2021, the Board of Public Works and Safety approved the temporary closure of the 900 block of East Main Street. Street closure and demolition are estimated to take one (1) month.

The street will be closed between N 9th and N 10th streets for the emergency demolition of 916 and 918 E Main Street. After review by the Department of Infrastructure and Development, the Unsafe Building Commission approved the emergency demolition of the building.

The emergency demo is supported by Beth Newton, Main Street Richmond Executive Director:

"As the Main Street organization, our goal is to promote and stabilize our district.  This includes identifying and classifying properties, forming partnerships to stabilize and market those properties, while supporting our business district.  Ideally, this process means bringing a property back to life and connecting it with a small business owner who wishes to join the district.  Other times, this means recognizing that a property is beyond salvageable and more of a hazard than an asset to the district.  The property at 916-918 East Main Street has reached the point of being hazardous to the buildings surrounding it as well as first responders who may be called to respond to concerns at the property.  The deplorable condition of the building is additionally causing a foul odor and unsightly appearance.  The removal of this building is a welcomed step forward in promoting and stabilizing our downtown."


Click HERE for the official press release.

Press Contact:

Ian Vanness

Director of Infrastructure & Development

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