City of Richmond Hosts First Volunteer Tree Tenders Tree Planting

October 12, 2022

The City of Richmond Parks Department, the Department of Infrastructure and Development, and the Street Tree Commission recently partnered to create the City of Richmond Tree Tenders Volunteer program. The goal of the Tree Tenders program is to increase the capacity for street tree planting in the city’s hottest and most vulnerable areas. Neighborhoods that will receive trees were determined using data from the Heat Vulnerability Index, created by Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute, using data from Richmond’s previous Heat Watch Campaign and census data. Utilizing this data will help ensure that trees are planted in areas that need them most.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, trees possess the ability to lower both surface and air temperatures through shade and evapotranspiration. Shaded surfaces may be 20 - 45 °F cooler than unshaded surfaces. In addition to cooling benefits, trees can help to reduce energy use, improve air quality, enhance stormwater management, and improve quality of life.

The first tree planting occurred Saturday, October 8th, in the Baxter Neighborhood. Additional plantings will be hosted in North Richmond on October 22nd and the West Depot District on November 5th.

The Tree Tenders Volunteer program was made possible by Indiana American Water’s Environmental Grant Program as well as existing City funds designated to go towards street trees.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tree Tenders Volunteer program, please contact Richmond’s Heat Relief Coordinator, Lucy Mellen, at (765) 983-7333 or

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