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Environmental Sustainability Commission

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Environmental Sustainability Commission – See RCC III 32.80; See Richmond City Ordinance 17-2012

Environmental Sustainability Commission Mission

  • To promote environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources in the City of Richmond for the public good;
  • To inform and advise the Common Council, the Mayor, and the City Government on matters relating to environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources;
  • To coordinate public and private efforts within the City of Richmond towards sustainability, environmental health, and conservation of natural resources;
  • To help the City, its departments, and its committees strive toward operating in a manner that is sustainable to the environment;
  • To help assess potential environmental liabilities and potential costs of government policies and practices in the City of Richmond;
  • To coordinate and promote grant and funding opportunities for the City related to sustainability, environment, and conservation; 
  • To promote environmental resources and quality of life in the City, in order to attract and retain businesses and economic investment and reinforce civic pride and identity of the City; 
  • To facilitate environmental education, for both the City government and general public 


  • Open to the public.
  • Date: Third Wednesday of every month
  • Time: 8:30 am
  • Location: Community Room, 2nd floor of City Building (50 North 5th St, Richmond, IN 47374)
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