Richmond Sanitary District Announces Spring Clean Program

April 5, 2023

The Richmond Sanitary District is excited to launch its annual Spring Clean program for 2023. This initiative is part of the district's ongoing commitment to keep Richmond clean and beautiful. The Spring Clean program offers an opportunity for residents to dispose of bulky items that won't fit in their normal trash collection, and extended hours at the New Paris Pike Landfill.

Special Pick-up collection crews now run five days a week year-round to help residents dispose of bulky items that do not fit into their Rosie Rollers. Residents can call Richmond Sanitary District to schedule a Special Pick-up. By participating in the Spring Clean program, Richmond residents demonstrate their commitment to keeping our city clean.

"This program is an excellent opportunity for residents to dispose of any bulky items they have that won't fit in standard trash collection and help us keep Richmond clean and beautiful," said Pat Smoker, Director of Richmond Sanitary District. “We are delighted to provide Special Pick-up service to assist the residents of Richmond to dispose of waste items that otherwise  may present challenges if they were to dispose of them.”

To schedule their free Special Pick-up, residents should call the Richmond Sanitary District at (765) 983-7450. Residents only need to provide their address and information on the types of items being disposed of. They will be told the approximate date of their scheduled pick up and to place their items in the standard trash collection area.

Household items that are accepted for Special Pick-up include:

  • Bulky household items
  • Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Appliances (without freon)
  • Tree limbs (bundled and no longer than 4 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter)
  • Yard waste (6 bag limit)

Residents may also freely take household items and yard waste to the New Paris Pike Landfill (5242 New Paris Pike). As part of the Spring Clean program, extended hours will be available at the New Paris Pike Landfill for two Saturdays, April 29th and May 6th, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Electronic or e-waste including computers, flat screen TVs, computer monitors, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, and other everyday electronic devices, may also be disposed of as part of the Spring Clean. These items require special handling to be recycled and disposed of so should never be placed in Rosie Rollers. There is a nominal $2 per item charge for flat screen TVs and monitors to help cover a portion of the recycling cost.

For more information on the Spring Clean program, please visit the Richmond Sanitary District on the city’s website or call (765) 983-7450. Let's work together to keep Richmond clean and beautiful!

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