Sanitation Reminder: Toilets are not Trashcans

April 17, 2020

Many materials frequently flushed or poured down the drain can harm the pipes that connect to city sewers as well as the city sewer system. Every property owner connected to the city sewer system can be a potential contributor to sewer problems, and a potential victim of those problems.

Putting the wrong things down the drain can damage the sewer system, cause sewer backups in your home, and sewer releases to the environment. Anyone who uses the city sewer system should be responsible for what they flush or pour down drains. Your actions make a difference. Remember that the costs of maintaining our local sewer system and facilities affect the rate RSD is required to charge our residential, commercial and industrial partners.



Disposable does not mean flushable. Wipes DO NOT DISSOLVE, they DO GET STUCK in sewer pipes and pumping equipment. The following items may negatively impact our collection system and harm the microbial population of the treatment facility. Healthy microbes are required to successfully process our community’s wastewater.

  • disposable diapers
  • tampons and tampon applicators
  • sanitary napkins
  • cotton balls and swabs
  • mini or maxi pads
  • condoms
  • cleaning wipes of any kind
  • facial tissue
  • bandages and bandage wrappings
  • automotive fluids
  • paint, solvents, sealants and thinners
  • poisons and hazardous waste
  • pet poop

The Richmond Sanitary Department (RSD) processes ~10 million gallons of waste water each day and recycles the processed clean water into the East Fork of the White Water River. RSD receives wastes from homes, businesses and industries (15,000 connections) actively managing 299 miles of sewer and storm water pipelines and 22 pumping stations located over a 30 square mile area.

Please help us effectively serve your needs!

Questions? Call 765-983-7450

Pat Smoker, Superintendent

Tim Orrill, Pretreatment Coordinator

Elijah Welch, District Engineer

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