RSD Container Availability

February 10, 2020

To help the community get ready for spring, the Richmond Sanitary District will start setting 14 cubic yard roll off containers beginning March 30th. You can reserve yours starting on March 16th. See below for more details on the process:

WHO: Containers are available for residential properties, and will only be available to businesses on a case-by-case basis with approval from the Solid Waste Manager.

FEE: Leased to residential customers for a charge of $10.00 (cost subject to change) for approximately 2 days. Payment must be made prior to scheduling the roll-off container. Visit the Richmond Sanitary District at 2380 Liberty Avenue to make a payment or by phone with a Visa or Mastercard.

HOW: Containers are usually booked two weeks in advance and not available in the winter, around certain holidays, or during inclement weather. all customers leasing a roll-off container will be asked to sign a Release of Liability form. If the form is not signed by the property owners, the container will not be set on private property. If making payment for the Container over the phone, the container will not be set on private property.

WHAT: General household trash or yard waste and brush. NO CONSTRUCTION OR DEMOLITION MATERIALS MAY BE PLACED IN OUR CONTAINERS.  This includes such items as roofing concrete, glass, wood, pipe, plaster or drywall, etc. These containers are leased to help you dispose of general household trash OR yard waste.  The two types of material cannot be mixed.  You are responsible for all materials placed in the roll-off container.  If any construction/demolition materials are placed in the roll-off, you will be contacted to remove the material.  Failure to comply may result in loss of leasing privileges and a charge for removing material from the container, including the disposal cost.

Containers should be filled only to the top.  Do NOT overfill the container as they must be covered before they are hauled to the landfill.  The containers have stickers on the sides indicating the fill-to line.  If they are too full, the tap won't fit and some items may have to be removed from the container.

Visit the RSD Container Resource page for more details.

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