RFD Outlines First Responder Plan

March 19, 2020

As our medical responders are likely to and have responded to presumptive COVID-19 cases the Richmond Fire Department has put measures in place to ensure seamless, safe first response services. We will do this in a way that best protects our responders as well asthe public.

When a presumptive COVID caseis responded to and transported by our responders the Richmond Fire Department will be taking aggressive measures to protect our Emergency Services personnel,their families and the citizens. The personnel involved in a possible exposure will report said exposure and self-monitor for symptoms based on current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. The responding and transporting apparatus, equipment and, if exposed, living quarters will temporally be taken out of service for professional cleaning and decontamination.

The Richmond Fire Department is committed to ensuring our citizens the highest quality of care available.Daily operations will proceed as normal and there will be no lapse in the quality emergency services our citizens have come to expect from our department.

The Richmond Fire Department will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving pandemic situation and adjust our processes and procedures as necessary to ensure we provide the safest and best fire/rescue and emergency medical response possible.

EMS PIO, Benjamin Simmons
Chief of Emergency Medical Services
Richmond Fire Department

Click to download a pdf of the announcement.

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