Parks Department Seeks Input & Showcases AmeriCorps Volunteers

April 26, 2022

For Immediate Release

April 26th, 2022




We need help and input from the Richmond community!

Join us on Thursday, April 28, 2022, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Starr Gennett Building (101 S 1st St, Richmond, IN 47374) for a public workshop to discuss the Whitewater Gorge Activation Plan!

The Whitewater Gorge Activation Plan is a strategic planning initiative to identify the best way to preserve and protect the 100 acre Whitewater Gorge Park while also creating recreational opportunities that will allow visitors to explore the historical, geological, and natural assets of the area.

The event is an open house format so please take 10 minutes out of your day to pop in, provide feedback at the 5 stations, and then be on your way.

“The importance of community input and having a community driven process will enhance our progress in the Gorge and make a destination everyone can enjoy. Thank you in advance for playing a vital role in determining the plan!” Denise Retz, Park Superintendent


The Richmond Parks and Recreation Department has been lucky enough to have AmeriCorps, Maple 3 to help with park efforts from March 4-April 27 this year.  During this time they have worked on countless projects including but not limited to:

- Glen Miller Wishing Well Restoration

- Glen Miller Tennis Court Project

- Middlefork Cove Clean up

- Ron Roosa Annual clean up at Middlefork

- Senior Recreation Center inside painting

- Trail clearing at Springwood

- Charles house remodel downstairs

- Annual Egg Hunt Event including stuffing eggs and stuffing bags and being at the event

- Plant propagation at the City of Richmond greenhouse

- Clearing trees for Weir Dam removal

- Numerous Greenhouse projects

- All the benches in Glen Miller rehabbed & painted

- Six hammocks at Middlefork installed

- Help put boats out at Middlefork and prepare the reservoir for patrons

- Endless trash collection including over 7000 lb on 3/31 before noon along Sheridan & Sim Hodgin

- Tours of the Wastewater Treatment, MRF, and also the Landfill

- City Bike Park work day 4/16

- "It’s Spring" flower sign installation

- Middlefork Clean Up

- Mary Scott Butterfly Garden Installation

- Bicentennial Gorge chipping & clearing of Invasives  

- Thistlethwaite Falls Project including removal of fence and building retaining wall

- City Building landscaping & mulching

- Cycle Track landscaping assistance

- Elstro Plaza landscaping

“The saying, ‘Many hands make light work’, must have had an Americorps deployment.  We have enjoyed our time with Maple 3 and appreciate all of the extra help these 8 wonderful individuals have given Richmond. Without their hard work and dedication alongside our team many of these projects would not be possible. They will be missed and we wish them well on their next journey”  Brandon Panensky, Trail and Service Leader

# # #

The mission of the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department is to provide for the positive development and well-being of the Richmond community through the provision of parks, greenways, trails and recreational programming and facilities while working in cooperation with other service providers and partners in the community to maximize all available resources.

For questions, imagery, or for media requests, please reach out via the contact details below:

Denise Retz, CPRP

Richmond Parks and Recreation


50 North 5th Street

Richmond, Indiana 47374

Work 765-983-7276

"Parks take a community effort to truly exemplify their full potential."

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