Mayor Snow Statement on Expiring Mask Mandate

April 5, 2021

On March 28, I attended a meeting of the Wayne County Board of Health to listen to a discussion regarding COVID-19 restriction recommendations. This, after Governor Eric Holcomb announced the mask mandate and other state­wide COVID-19 restrictions would end on April 6. Since then, the Board of Health has made an official recommendation to all elected officials to continue the current restrictions throughout Wayne County.

I appreciate the diligent work of the Board of Health and the Health Department over the past year and I support the science and data they and other health professionals have shared regarding the pandemic. As Mayor, it is my responsibility to balance their recommendations with the cultural and economic vitality of our community and our government's ability to enforce such restrictions.

Today, with new information, increased awareness, and a vaccine available to all adult citizens, I stand by my previous decision to not institute a city-wide mask mandate at this time.

In partnership with the Board of Health and the Wayne County Commissioners, I will continue to monitor and reassess the situation. Should the need arise based on significantly increased infections or hospital capacity limitations, I will consider reinstating restrictions for the City of Richmond.

In the meantime, I urge all citizens, visitors, and business owners to prioritize their personal responsibility to the health of our community. While there is a light at the end of the tunnel, now is not the time to let down our guard. It is our common humanity and commitment to one another that will allow us to feel safe. Please, for the health of those around you, wear your mask in public, maintain social distancing, and join me in getting your COVID-19 vaccine.

As for City government employees and properties, all of our team members will remain masked while at work and all citizens and visitors to our buildings and on our City busses will be required to wear a mask. In our Parks and Recreation Department, any event request that will attract over 250 people will be referred to the Health Department for approval. I ask that all businesses in the city join with us in continuing these efforts to keep employees and customers safe.

Let's keep working together, prioritizing our health and that of those around us, to put this dark time in our history behind us. Great things lie ahead for our community if we continue to have the vision, dedication, and compassion to reach for them.


Press Contact:

Suzanne Bias

Executive Assistant to the Mayor

765.983.7580 |

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