Groundbreaking of Phase III of Training Facility

September 24, 2020

Ground broke Monday, October 5th on the third and final phase of The Israel "Izzy" Edelman Fire & Police Department Training Ground. This phase will add 10,500 square feet of much needed educational and fitness facilities to the campus including:

  • PHYSICAL TRAINING: 4,007 square feet of physical agility training, demonstration, and testing area that allows for the required entry level candidate physical agility testing as well as annual assessment of first responders
  • EDUCATIONAL TRAINING: 3,693 square feet of classroom and office area for first response education and continuing education.
  • FITNESS: 2,800 square feet of physical fitness training area with post incident containment detox capability.

These facilities will ensure that our public safety officers receive the best training and support needed to protect and serve. Additionally, features like the detox chambers are an investment in their long-term health. Detox saunas are designed and built to detox a firefighter after exposure to the carcinogenic by-products of a fire and are an investment in our firefighters’ long-term health.

This fully funded, over $1.4 million project has been made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Debra Edelman and the Wayne County Trustees Office, Mrs. Susan Isaacs, and Mr. Bruce Upchurch. This physical fitness and classroom facility in conjunction with the established state of the art hands-on training props at this facility, covering both fire and most specialty disciplines, is one of a few such facilities in the State. This facility is an asset that will give back to greater Richmond for years to come and has the potential to be a training center for all of Indiana Fire District 6 and satellite facility for the State of Indiana.

According to Chief Jerry Purcell, “Locating both classrooms and hands-on training in one location will greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of training for both the Richmond Police and Fire Departments. For the same reasons, it will also increase the effectiveness of the High School Cadet Program.”

Work will be completed by Brumbaugh Construction, Inc. and is anticipated to be completed by summer of 2021.

Press Contact
June Marshall
Business Manager
Richmond Fire/EMS Department

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