Council Chambers Renovation

March 2, 2021

After fifty-two years, Common Council has decidedto renovate and improve the functionality of the existing Council Chambers forthe benefit of the public and city staff. The Council Chambers renovation willinclude technology upgrades as well as upgrades to the furniture, fixtures andfinishes.  Councilor Dr. Ron Oler statedthat, “the Hutton Community Room, where we have been hosting online meetings,is too small to permit more than a handful of citizens to participate in personwhile maintaining social distancing.  These technology, furniture, andfixtures upgrades will make it possible to return meetings to Council Chambersduring the pandemic while allowing more citizens to attend in person to havetheir voices heard. We look forward to finishing this project as soon aspossible.”

Groundbreaking for City Hall took place onJanuary 19, 1968. The finished building was turned over to Mayor Byron Klute onFebruary 8, 1969. It was designed by Architects and Engineers from R. W.Clinton and Associates of Richmond, Indiana and built by Fryman-Kuck GeneralContractors Inc. of Brookville, Ohio. This is the first significant renovationof Council Chambers since the building was built in 1968-1969.

Due to the fact that the building wasbuilt in the late sixties, samples were collected and tested to determine ifthey have any asbestos containing materials (ACM’s). Results from this testingindicates that some of the building materials used in construction of theceiling contain ACM’s at a level of 3-5%. These ACM’s are being remediatedprior to the renovation of the area.

During the construction period, which isexpected to last through May, the meetings of Common Council, committees andboards will be relocated to the Hutton Community Room on the second floor ofthe building. Meetings are also available to the public via Zoom, please checkour website or social media channels for links toattend these meetings virtually.

Congratulations to all involved in makingthis project ready for implementation. Important work was done by CommonCouncil members to develop efficient floor plans, identify furnishing andtechnology needs, improve public accessibility, manage the design process,develop a realistic budget, and finally, determine how to pay for the project.



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