Richmond Parks is Giving Away Barn Owl Boxes to Local Farms

October 25, 2023

The Richmond Parks and Recreation Department is taking a step in conserving barn owls by donating 30 barn owl boxes to local farms.

These nesting boxes, designed specifically for barn owls, are set to be installed in farms that meet certain criteria, including having a minimum of 35 acres of land, not using pesticides, and committing to the installation and cleaning of the owl box. While no-till farming is not a requirement, it is highly preferred as it creates a more conducive environment for these birds.

Barn owls, known for their unique ability to hover mid-air, are efficient hunters that can consume up to 1,000 rodents annually. This natural pest control makes them an invaluable addition to any farm.

With the advent of modern metal barns replacing traditional wooden ones, these cavity-nesters are rapidly losing their nesting spaces. The barn owl box program aims to combat this problem by providing safe and secure nesting boxes for these birds.

By signing up for a barn owl box, farmers agree to allow the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Indiana Audubon Society, and Cornell Lab of Ornithology to monitor the boxes every 3-5 years and record population data for conservation efforts.

The current owl population in Indiana is alarmingly low, with only 50 confirmed nests in the state. TThis initiative seeks to expand their habitat and contribute to the increase of their population.

Farmers interested in joining this conservation effort should fill out this form, or contact Brandon Panensky, Trails and Service Leader, at

Let's work together in protecting and preserving these incredible birds.

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