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Brandon Krofta

Assistant Chief of Police


Introducing Assistant Chief of Police Brandon Krofta, a seasoned law enforcement professional with over a decade of diverse experience and a commitment to excellence. A proud graduate of Indiana University East, Krofta holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, laying the foundation for his exemplary career in policing.

With a distinguished track record as a veteran SWAT team leader and operator, Krofta commands the Richmond Police Department SWAT Team, ensuring readiness to respond swiftly and effectively to any crisis. His leadership and expertise are invaluable assets in maintaining public safety and protecting the community.

Beyond his tactical roles, Krofta is widely recognized as a leading instructor in active shooter and soft target hardening modalities. As a primary and psychomotor certified instructor in the State of Indiana, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills with fellow law enforcement professionals, empowering them to handle challenging situations with confidence and proficiency.

Assistant Chief Brandon Krofta's unwavering dedication to his community, coupled with his extensive experience and commitment to training, make him a driving force for innovation and excellence within the Richmond Police Department. With his leadership at the helm, the department stands prepared to uphold its mission of serving and protecting with honor and integrity.