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Adam Blanton

Assistant Chief of Police


Meet Assistant Chief of Police Adam Blanton, a dynamic leader with a diverse background and a passion for community-driven policing initiatives. With 12 years ofdedicated service in law enforcement, Blanton brings a unique perspective shaped by his previous career as a pediatric and surgical nurse. A graduate with honors from a prestigious HBCU, he holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a master's degree in business administration, reflecting his commitment to both the principles of justice and the strategic management of law enforcement operations.

Blanton's expertise extends beyond traditional policing roles; he is recognized as a renowned primary and psychomotor instructor in the state of Indiana, with a reputation that extends to the national and international circuit. His dedication to education and training underscores his belief in the importance of continuous improvement within law enforcement agencies.

At the heart of Blanton's mission is community policing. As the founder of the region's first threat assessment and management team, he is at the forefront of efforts to educate the community and prevent future tragedies. Through proactive engagement and innovative strategies, Blanton and his team work tirelessly to build trust, foster collaboration, and create a safer environment for all residents. With a firm commitment to excellence and a vision for a more connected and resilient community, Assistant Chief Adam Blanton is a driving force for positive change in law enforcement