Whitewater Valley Gorge Park

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The Park

Whitewater Valley Gorge Park spans from Test Road to Waterfall Road. It is 100 acres. The gorge walls contain bedrock that illustrate the geological history of the area, dating back some 500,000,000 years. The gorge runs 3-1/2 mils through Richmond and ranges from 200-300 feet wide and 50-80 feet deep.

In the middle of Whitewater Valley Gorge Park is the Starr Gennett building, which once held the Starr Gennett Piano Co. and Recording Studio. The plaque on the building states,

"The Starr Piano Company began operations on this site in the 1870s. The company gained an international reputation for Starr pianos, phonographs, and its recording division, Gennett records.

The building with the Gennett Records parrot logo painted on the south wall is the last of an enormous network of factory buildings located here along the Whitewater River. This building was once used for the manufacture of player piano mechanisms in addition to several other uses through the Starr Piano Company's history.

Today the Starr Piano Company is best remembered for Gennett Records and the important contributions Gennett made to early jazz, country, blues and gospel music."

Also in Whitewater Valley Gorge Park is Veteran's Memorial Park, to honor area veterans for service to their country. The Memorial Park Committee helps to maintain the park and works to expand the memorials. Donations are appreciated and can be sent to:

 Wayne County Veterans Memorial Park     P.O. Box 2401     Richmond, Indiana  47375.


The Gorge boasts many natural features unique to Indiana. Check out the map below to see all the additional things Whitewater Valley Park has to offer! Other amenities of the park include:

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