Starr Gennett Building

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Starr Gennett Building, 101 South 1st Street, Richmond, Indiana



  • Enclosed facility
  • Capacity: 600
  • For current rates visit parks.richmondindiana.gov
  • Certificate of Liability required
  • Requires special event form

This spacious facility is great for weddings and big events! Starr Gennett Building is centrally located in the heart of Richmond, but it has a wonderful secluded feel. Although the building lacks A/C, the many grated windows let in a pleasant breeze and plenty of sunlight. The building has an industrial feel, while also remaining a blank canvas for your desired theme.

The attractions are not just inside, however. Starr Gennett Building is surrounded by plentiful outdoor space with benches, picnic tables, a historical sidewalk, ample parking, and more. Perhaps the greatest attribute of the facility is its rich history, which is reflected in its architecture, location, and ambiance. Starr Gennett Building is bound to make your event special!

Need ideas on how to decorate? Please ask to see photos of past events when you visit our office!


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