Community Parks

Richmond Parks and Recreation oversees many small parks throughout Richmond. Use the map below to find these parks, and others maintained by the department.

  • Berryfield Park

          1100 North Drive (1.3 acres)Berryfield Park provides basketball goals, a playground and open play areas.

  • Bicentennial Park

          30 Bridge Avenue (4 acres)Bicentennial Park is meant to provide enjoyment through the scenic river valley area. It offers picnic areas.

  • Eastside Lions Park

         311 North 15 Street (2.3 acres)Eastside Lions Park was once the site of the Old Starr School. It provides basketball goals, picnic areas, a playground and open play areas.

  • North 10th Street Park

         600 North 10th Street (1.2 acres)North 10th Street Park provides an open green space for the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Riverside Park

          Northwest 1st Street (3 acres)Riverside Park was formerly called Northwest 1st Street Park. It is between Sim Hodgin Parkway and Northwest 1st Street. This is one of the           department's undeveloped park sites.

  • Scantland Park

          This is one of the department's undeveloped park sites. It is .80 acres.

  • South 10th Street Park

         101 South 10th Street (2.2 acres)South 10th Street park serves as an open green space. Historically, it is the first parkland of the Richmond Park System. It is a great space           for festivals, and is the site for the annual Family Fun Fest.

  • Swicker Park

          650 South E Street (2.6 acres)Swicker Park is also known as South 7th Street Park. in 1899, the park was rather traditional, with central fountains, radial walkways, and a lot           of greenery. Today, there are picnic areas allowing for the community to enjoy the open green space.

  • Westside Lions Park

          1201 Ridge Street (2.2 acres)Westside Lions Park provides basketball goals, picnic areas, a playground and open play areas.


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