Mary Scott Community Orchard



105 Northwest 8th Street, Richmond, Indiana 47374



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Mary Scott Community Orchard & Living Classroom

Mission of the Orchard

Mary Scott Community Orchard is located at the edge of a food desert in Richmond, Indiana and within walking distance of three separate schools and a daycare. It occupies one part of the larger Mary Scott Community Park. The creation of this community space serves numerous goals.

Orchards can serve numerous uses when they are located in the right space with the right purpose.

Communities across the United States are embracing this belief and transforming public spaces. We believe in community and the usefulness and value of these spaces. We are all responsible to and for one another, so this orchard is our contribution towards that larger belief.

The orchard site and pollinator garden serve as a valuable resource for science and other teachers in schools. Teaching students about nature and the processes of which we are all a part, is essential and aligned to the educational standards of Indiana schools.

Residents of the community have access to this site as much as the public parks in our community.  These public spaces are important for our sense of community and relationships with one another.

Lastly, it serves as a means for fresh organic fruit and nutritional awareness. Healthier lifestyles always begin with knowledge. Wood Block Press is committed to this small site and its continued use  by the community of Richmond.

Location and Hours

We would love for you to come by and enjoy some time in the orchard. A living classroom is quite a place to come and enjoy! The orchard holds the same hours as Richmond parks and closes each day at 11:00pm. The orchard is located at 105 Northwest 8th Street, Richmond, Indiana 47374

For more information, please visit the Mary Scott Community Orchard Website


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