Handlebars & Dilly Bars Ride


August 6, 2022 10:30 AM


Elstro Plaza

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Good things come in Threes… Richmond has 3 Dairy Queens and 3 Dilly Bar flavors. Let’s ride to all 3 and get a free Dilly bar at the last DQ stop.

Ride is only 8 miles and travels mostly city streets including US 40 between SW 17th and SW 10th, 7 blocks. Because of this the ride is best for seasoned street bicyclists comfortable with car speeds of 40 mph. However the route does use the entire City Bike Loop as it exists now.

We’ll leave Elstro at 10:30 AM and pedal to DQ West then DQ South via Earlham campus then up 10th & 12th Street to DQ North.
Using Ft Wayne Avenue and N 7th, we’ll return to Elstro by 12 Noon.

Neat Richmond scenery will be Downtown, Clear Creek. Earlham Cemetery and Earlham College, The Gorge from G
Street and Old US 40 Bridges, Richmond’s older Southside residential and industrial areas, historic 10th street Park, the Starr District, Richmond’s Depot District and Northside Industrial area.

Remember the pre-ride social hour at Elstro… at 9:30 Sweet Blessings Bakery provides the Riders with custom iced cookies that have the ride’s theme. Stu Milligan brings French pressed coffee. The ride, cookies and coffee are all free. There will be enough cookies and coffee for first 18 riders. Please bring DQ money if wanting more than the free Dilly bar at end (limit first 30 riders), compliments of Lakeview Shade and Screen LLC. Rain or Shine, we roll!

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