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Andrew J. Sickmann, City Attorney



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The Richmond City Law Department conducts a variety of internal legal services for the Mayor and all Executive Departments as well as other branches and divisions of the City government. The Law Department prepares or reviews all contracts, ordinances, resolutions, deeds, easements, and other legal documents for the City. The Law Department is an internal services department. In accordance with legal and ethical requirements, the Law Department staff will not provide legal advice or opinions to the public or conduct legal research for the public. However, we encourage the public to use this website to locate information in connection with the numerous facets and inner workings of the City government. Each Department conducts a wide range of services necessary for public health, safety, and welfare.

The Law Department staff attends meetings and hearings of the City Boards and Commissions, including Richmond Power and Light Board, Common Council, Board of Sanitary Commissioners, Board of Storm Water Management, Board of Public Works and Safety, Richmond Advisory Plan Commission, Richmond Plat Committee, Board of Zoning Appeals, Redevelopment Commission, Revolving Loan Fund Board, etc. These meetings are open to the public.

The Law Department also handles public records requests, alarm violation tracking, transient vendor permit application reviews, City ordinance violation prosecution, legal document review, legal research, miscellaneous legal filings and actions, unsafe building matters, and weed liens. The Law Department works closely with the City Enforcement Departments on a variety of legal and procedural issues. The Law Department staff attends other executive meetings and technical review sessions to assist with any legal or procedural issues that executive officials are confronted with from time to time.

Please use this website to explore each of the departments to familiarize yourself with how the City of Richmond government impacts the lives of its Citizens.


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Law Department




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