NEW UPDATE - Cordell Municipal Pool

June 7, 2018

Status Update Cordell Muncipal Pool

UPDATE: 6/11/2018

A message from Parks Superintendent Denise Retz regarding Cordell Municipal Pool:

“As the community is well aware, the installation of the new liner and the weather issues delayed our regular start up procedures. We are still in the regular normal chemical balance timeframe for opening our pool as we have been in years past. Our opening date of the pool cannot be determined at this juncture until we can regulate necessary chemical needs for the safety of our patrons. Thank you for your ongoing support and we will keep you posted as we learn more in the next 48 hours.”-Denise Retz, Park Superintendent

Please direct any questions to: Jim Dykes, Assistant Superintendent & Pool Supervisor 765-983-7423


Original posting 6/7/2018

We will not be able to open Cordell Municipal Pool as soon as we originally thought.  Our lifeguard team and pool management are ready and we are patiently waiting for our test results to read appropriate for the big pool to open.  The small splash pool has passed and we are just waiting the large pool to follow suit.  I can assure you we are want this pool open as much as the community does.  We have a lot of new exciting improvements this year with new pool liner at both pools, new lifeguard chairs, new umbrellas, the drop slide supported by the VFW Post 1108 in 2017 and many other repairs.  Please stay tuned to our social media to get the latest information.  We will not have another test reading until Saturday evening.  We appreciate your support and patience as we work to provide this area for your enjoyment, but the safety of our patrons is our first priority.

 In the meantime we encourage you to visit our Splash Pads located at Glen Miller Park and Jack Elstro Plaza.  They are scheduled to be on from 9am-9pm and if they are off we ask for your patience as it usually means the wind is a factor or a fault of the system. Please contact 983-PARK so we can make sure to fix the issue and we will fix it as soon as we can. 

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