Staff Members

Board/Commission Member


Grayson Hart

GIS Coordinator, City of Richmond






Environmental Sustainability Commission
Term Expires: 1/6/2024

Street Tree Commission
Appointed by: Mayor
Term Expires: 2/14/2025

As GIS Coordinator, Grayson works to create maps, answer spatial questions to aid in decision-making, and oversees sustainability programming in Richmond’s Department of Infrastructure and Development and is Staff Liaison to and Vice Chair of the Richmond Environmental Sustainability Commission. Grayson obtained a Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources from the Ohio State University in 2016, and a Masters of Environmental Sustainability with a Municipal concentration from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University in 2021. He supervises Richmond’s Beat the Heat program and the IDEM CLEAN Communities pilot program for the City, and has been leading the Climate Action Plan’s development since July 2021.