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Ordinance Violations

City Ordinance Violation Tickets are issued pursuant to the Richmond City Code chapters that are established by local ordinances.  City Ordinance Violation Tickets are paid at the City Clerk’s office located on the second floor of the City Building above the police station, 50 North 5th Street, Richmond, Indiana.  Tickets that are not paid in a timely manner may result in additional fines, late fees, or doubling of the tickets.

Unpaid tickets are prosecuted at the Wayne Superior III Court in Wayne County, Indiana in the Magistrate's Court on the lower-level first floor of the Wayne County Courthouse.  The initial hearings for unpaid tickets are scheduled for 1:30 pm or 1:45 pm either on the second or fourth Wednesday of the month.  The ticket (including any late fees or fine amounts that have been doubled) may be paid at the City Clerk's office before 10:00 am that day to allow the Law Department sufficient time to notify the Court and prepare the proper paperwork to have the case dismissed.

Extra court costs, in addition to any late fees, may be applied if judgment is obtained on an unpaid ticket in Court.  After a judgment is ordered by the Court, tickets may only be paid at the Wayne County Courthouse.

All non-city tickets and citations written in accordance with Indiana Code must also be paid at the Wayne County Courthouse or on DoxPop.

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