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Snow Removal

Labor, equipment and material are adjusted to the type and severity of the storms.  We have ten dump trucks and ten small pick-up trucks which are used in ten routes that encompass the entire City.  Our first priority is the main streets, with second priority being residential streets and the third priority is Park roads and the Airport.

Depending on how much snow we get and how heavy it is, some mailboxes get damaged or the posts break due to the weight of the snow.  It is sometimes difficult to tell where the curb ends and a persons yard is.  If we damage your sod or mailbox, please contact our office at 765-983-7225.

We cannot avoid snow being infront of your sidewalk, driveway or mailbox when plowing snow.  It is not our intent to block or pile anyones home with snow.  These are all common areas where snow piles up when using the snow plow.  Our goal is to clear off the City roadways as safe and quickly as possible.