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CITY OF RICHMOND STREET DEPARTMENT                                

Our Mission        StreetDeptCrew

The mission of the Richmond Street Department is to provide a safe network of streets throughout the City.  We are fully committed to providing the highest quality of public services to all City of Richmond citizens.  We intend to do this by responding promptly and courteously to our citizen's requests and concerns.  A few of this Department's responsibilites include pothole repair, maintaining City trees in between the curb and sidewalk, street sweeping, leaf collection, maintenance of street and traffic signs, snow removal and curb and sidewalk repairs.


Questions or comments about the following:

Alley Paving                              Sanitary District                           765-983-7450

Street Light/Traffic Light             Richmond Power & Light               765-973-7243

Dead Animal                             Sanitary District                           765-983-7450

Trash Pick Up                           Sanitary District                           765-983-7478

Rosie Rollers                            Sanitary District                           765-983-7478

Drainage/Inlet Issue                   Sewer Maintenance                       765-983-7465

Curb Cuts                                 Engineering Dept.                         765-983-7394

Bridges                                    Wayne County Highway                 765-855-5211

Handicap Sign Application         Clerk's Office                                 765-983-7230

Request Road Closing               Traffic Division                               765-983-7252