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Sewer Maintenance

Jason Berry - Sewer Maintenance Manager    (765) 983-7463    Email:

The RSD Sewer Maintenance Department sustains the reliable workflow of the RSD storm and sanitary sewer system. 

Jet rodding is a process that uses high-velocity water to flush sand, silt, stone and heavy debris out of the sewer piping system.

Vacuum machines are most generally combined with jet rodding equipment which is then referred to as combination machines. This is the type of equipment that is used by the RSD in cleaning mainline sewers.  

A properly maintained sewer system is required to convey the contaminated wastewater from the users in our community to treatment in a manner that protects human health and the environment. Blockages in the sewer system cause sewage overflows and unsanitary living conditions for the users.

The maintenance of sewers includes the cleaning and televising of sewer lines, and repairs to mains, laterals, and manholes.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jason Berry - Sewer Maintenance Manager 765-983-7463 or Tami Pugh - Administrative Assistant 765-983-7465.  The after hour contact number is 765-983-7450.

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