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Pay Sewer Bill

Pay Sewer & Storm Water Bills

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The Richmond Sanitary Distirct is pleased to offer a convenient, and secure method for paying Sewer & Storm Water bills via the Internet.

Take Advantage Of This Great Opportunity To Make Your Life A Little Easier 

  • Less Expensive Than The Price Of A Stamp!
  • No signup cost
  • Pay by using a credit Visa, Mastercard or debit card

Payments are not posted to accounts for 24-48 hours from time of transaction.  Anyone paying a delinquent notice should make sure payment is made in a timely manner in order to avoid disconnect.


Sewer Billing / Storm Water Billing FAQ

Who do payments go to? 

  • City of Richmond, Sanitary District Sewer Billing

Where can I make a payment? 

  • A drop box is located t the City Building at the lower entrance into the Police Department, Phillip's Drugs (promenade & west side location), mail it in, call it in over the phone to pay with credit card, or walk-ins at the Richmond Sanitary District.

How do I set up Direct Payment (ACH) from my checking or savings account? 

  • Call (765) 983-7450 for enrollment form.

Why are the water and sewer bills being separated? 

  • Indiana American Water Company has decided they no long wish to do our sewer billing.

What is the NSF (Non-Sufficient Fund) charge? 

  • $20.00 per check.

What happens if I don't pay my bill? 

  • You will receive ample notices, however, you will be subject to having the water services disconnected and charged a $65.00 reconnection fee.  This is a service Indiana American Water Company provides, so that sanitary fees are able to be collected.  

What is my new rate since I am not on city water and only pay a flat sewer fee? 

  • Previously it was $30.63  Now it is $35.97

What do I do if I am leaving for the winter months? 

  • Contact Indiana American Water Company and your sewer bill will be stopped, however, if you have Direct Payment (ACH), please contact Richmond Sanitary District at (765) 983-7450 stating when to stop/restart your ACH payments.

Do you have payment plans? 

  • Yes, accounts that are up for disconnect status may do a 3 month payment plan, the account balance is divided into 3 payments to be paid with the current sewer bill.  Photo I.D. is required.

What is the late fee penalty? 

  • 10% of the total amount due.

How do I change services when moving? 

  • Contact Indiana American Water Company to notify them, then contact (765) 983-7450 to provide forwarding billing address.  

What is the storm water fee? 

  • The storm water fee is $6.00.