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Public Participation Plan

Roseview Transit
Title IV Public Participation Plan

Roseview Transit's public participation plan will engage minority and limited English proficient populations when warranted.   
The agency will reach out  more broadly to include other constituencies that are traditionally under served, such as people 
with disabilities, low-income populations and others.

Every effort will be made to involve minority and LEP populations in Roseview's public participation activities.  Public 
notices will be placed in the transfer station, in the bus shelters and posted in all transit vehicles.  Measures will be 
taken  to address linguistic, institutional, cultural, economic and  historical  barriers that may prevent minority and LEP 
persons from effectively participating in Roseview Transit's decision making process.

Roseview Transit's Public Participation process will include but not limited to:

1. Scheduling  public meetings at varying times, dates and locations that are convenient and accessible for minority and 
LEP communities.
2. Organizing  different meeting sizes and formats.
3. Invitations to faith-based organizations, educational institutions and others, to engage in strategies that reach out 
to minority and LEP communities.

Roseview Transit will follow requirements of 49 U.S.C. Sections 5307(b), 5307(c)(1)  inviting  public comment  before 
raising transit fares or instituting a major reduction in transportation services to the City of Richmond.