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The Purchasing Department of the City of Richmond is a service oriented department with two full-time employees, Vicki Robinson, the Purchasing Director, and Susanne Williams, the Purchasing Assistant. A fundamental purchasing objective for the City is to obtain quality goods and services at minimum cost. Purchasing also has the added responsibility of protecting the interests of the taxpayers and must continually function in an environment of public scrutiny.

Statutes, ordinances, and regulations generally require state and local governments to conduct their purchasing operation on the basis of competitive bidding. This requirement is intended to secure sound value, to guard against favoritism and profiteering at public expense, and to safeguard the interest of the seller by providing equal opportunities to compete for government business. The ways and means of obtaining prices is as important, than the prices themselves.

Any business interested in doing business with the City of Richmond is asked to mail all correspondence including their company name, address, contact name and phone number, and company profile to: City of Richmond, Purchasing, 50 North 5th Street, Richmond, Indiana. 47374.

"The City of Richmond is not responsible and/or liable for any bid specifications and/or plans not obtained directly from the City of Richmond".