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Support and Friends of the Parks

Support Park Events: Become a Sponsor

We have many events throughout the year that need sponsors to make them all happen. Our events are free to the community, and we want to keep them that way.

Below is a list of a few events that your business can specifically sponsor. Through a sponsorship donation, your contribution is tax-deductible. Click the link to download our sponsorship form to learn more.

  • Just Us Kids Outdoors (JUKO)
    Children enjoy camp with us every year for free! We play games, swim in the pool, go on field trips and more! Check out how you can help these kids have a fun summer. Click here to download the 2014 Summer Sponsorship packet to sponsor JUKO and the children in Richmond.

  • Neighborhood Movie Series
    We're coming to your neighborhood with this movie series! We travel across Richmond with different movies to show on Saturday evenings in June. Families have a fun night under the stars with this free series. Click here to download the 2014 Summer Sponsorship packet to help these movies travel.

  • Summer Concert Series
    Every year, Glen Miller Park comes alive with the sounds of music in the summer. New this year we’re rocking and rolling each SATURDAY evening in July! So bring your lawn chairs or blankets and join us on Roosevelt Hill for a FREE enjoyable evening outdoors with friends and family! Click here to download the 2014 Summer Sponsorship packet to keep our park filled with music!

  • Movies in the Glen

    Join us in the park as we cozy up to watch a free movie under the stars every Saturday in August! We show a variety of movies - some action, some comedy, some for the young, some for the teens, but the one thing in common is that it's all free! Click here to download the 2014 Summer Sponsorship packet to help show these movies.

  • Family Fun Fest – info packet to come, email for more info

  • Halloween Howl – info packet to come, email for more info

  • Frostbite 5K – info packet to come, email for more info

  • Celebration of Lights – info packet to come, email for more info

If you have questions or would like to sponsor a Park event, let us know. Please contact Alisha Estabrook at


Support Richmond's Parks: Become a Friend

Friends of Richmond Parks Endowment Fund:

Providing your connection to nature, recreation, leisure and quality of life in our community.

The mission of the Parks Department is to continue to provide the community with park settings and activities that are free or inexpensive. It is imperative that we continue to provide a quality park system for the quality of life in our community.

Our goal is to continue providing these services for many years to come. That goal can only be met if we are able to find alternative funding sources. As tax funding is shrinking, we must turn to other funding sources and donations to assure stable funding and protect the future of park systems here at home and nationwide. We must plan for the future generations and leave them with a park system that will continue to grow and provide opportunities for the as it has for all of us.

Our most popular programs - Spring Fling, Family Fun Fest, Concerts on the Hill, JUKO and Lil JUKO (Just Us Kids Outdoors), Outdoor Movie Series, Fright Night, and Celebration of Lights count on this funding as they are not covered through our regular budget. These and many other programs are in danger of being eliminated or will have to be offered on a fee basis.

One way we addressing our need for a steady stream of income is through Friends of Richmond Parks Endowment Fund through the Wayne County Foundation. This will provide an opportunity for special people to give back to their community in a way that will live on through our parks, our programs and our recreation.

Your generous gifts to the endowment can be earmarked for capital or facility improvements, programming, or other identified needs within our park system. This new endowment also allows us to accept non-traditional gifts such as gifts of life insurance and bequests. Please consider us when planning your charitable contributions.

Your kindness can make the difference in the future of our parks! Your tax deductible gift can ensure that the infrastructure of our park system is maintained, our programs continue to be free pr inexpensive and our natural green space is preserved.

We need your help to maintain our beautiful outdoor spaces...

Whether you enjoy a peaceful stroll through the park, a fun-filled day on the playground with your children or grandchildren,  round of golf, a competitive game of softball, or fishing at the reservoir, Richmond Parks Department has something for everyone.

We need your help to keep the vision of parks and recreation alive. Your benevolence will make a big difference to our efforts and your gift will benefit out community now and for generations of all ages to come.

Every gift makes a difference!

Please send your tax deductible gift to:
Friends of Richmond Parks Fund
c/o Wayne County Foundation
38 South 7th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374

What is an Endowment and what type of gift can I make?

Endowment: To provide with a permanent fund or source of income.
Bequeath:  To convey something from one generation to the next.
Legacy: A gift of money or property left to someone in a will; anything handed down from the past.

Park and Facility Listing:
Glen Miller Park
Middlefork Reservoir
Hills Bark Park at Middlefork Reservoir
Highland Lake Golf Course
Springwood Lake Park
Freeman Park
Clear Creek Park and McBride Stadium
Cordell Park
Mary Scott Park
Bicentennial Park
East Side and West Side Lions Park
North Tenth Street Park
South Tenth Street Park
Swicker Park
Berry Field Park
Richmond Senior Community Center
Whitewater Valley Gorge Park
Cardinal Greenway Trails 

Thank you to our contributors:
City of Richmond
Philanthropic Education Organization (PEO)