Glen Miller Park

Photo: Glen Miller Welcome

The Park
Glen Miller is the most popular and largest of Richmond's parks. It spans 194 acres. The park is located on Richmond's east side, at 2200 East Main Street. 

Named after Colonel John F. Miller, Glen Miller Park was established in 1885. It has an interesting history, which can be found here.

A pond offers room for ducks and geese to swim. It also includes a fountain, adding to the beauty of Glen Miller. The Richmond Parks and Recreation Office is located in the park, between the pond and playground. The Former Glen Miller Golf Course is a perfect location for walking or running. Check out the map below to see all the things Glen Miller has to offer! Other amenities of the park include:

Your Next Event
Glen Miller Park is the perfect location to have a party, birthday, or any other event. Look through the Shelter Rentals to find the right location for you.

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