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Unified Development Ordinance

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is intended to guide the growth and development of the City in accordance with the City of Richmond Comprehensive Plan.  It works to protect the basic rights and general welfare of all city residents, while promoting development, growth, character, circulation, environmental integrity, and general compatibility for the City.  The UDO defines the powers and duties of administrative officers and bodies, and establishes procedures for its implementation and enforcement.  Click here to view the UDO Zoning Map

Article One: Ordinance Foundation

 Basic Provisions
 Zoning Districts 
 Official Zoning Map
 Powers and Duties
 Certification and Adoption

Article Two: Zoning Districts

 PR - Parks and Recreation
 AG - Agricultural
 IA - Intense Agricultural
 R1 - Low Density, Single Family Residential 
 R2 - Medium Density, Single Family Residential
 R3 - High Density, Single Family Residential
 UR - Urban Residential
 M1 - Multiple Family Residential
 M2 - Intense Multiple Family Residential
 MP - Manufactured Home Park
 UV - University
 IS - Institutional
 NC - Neighborhood Commercial
 LC - Limited Commercial
 GC - General Commercial
 OC - Outdoor Commercial
 CB - Central Business
 HC - Highway Commercial
 EP - Ed-Med-Tech Park
 IC - Industrial Commercial
 I1 - Low to Moderate Intensity Industrial
 I2 - High Intensity Industrial
 HI - High Impact
 Appropriate Adjacent Districts















Article Three: Overlay Districts
 Airport Compatibility Overlay
 Aquifer Protection Overlay
 North Corridor Overlay
 Transitional Corridor Overlay
 Neighborhood Transition Overlay
 Mixed Use Overlay


Article Four: Planned Development Districts


Article Five: Development Standards
 Accessory Dwelling Standards
 Accessory Structure Standards
 Architectural Standards
 Confined Feeding Standards
 Density and Intensity Standards
 Driveway Standards
 Environmental Standards
 Fence and Wall Standards
 Fireworks Retail Standards
 Floodplain Standards
 Floor Area Standards
 Height Standards
 Home Business Standards
 Keeping of Animals Standards
 Kennel Standards
 Landscaping Standards
 Lighting Standards
 Loading Standards
 Lot Standards
 Manufactured Housing Standards
 Outdoor Dining Standards
 Outdoor Display Area Standards
 Outdoor Storage Standards
 Parking Standards
 Performance Standards
 Public Improvement Standards
 Setback Standards
 Sewer and Water Standards
 Sexually Oriented Business Standards
 Sign Standards
 Special Exception Standards
 Storage Tank Standards
 Telecommunication Facility Standards
 Temporary Use and Structure Standards
 Trash Receptacle Standards
 Vision Clearance Triangle Standards
 Wind Turbine System Standards


Article Six: Subdivision Types

 Standard Subdivision 
 Coved Subdivision
 Conservation Subdivision
 Traditional Subdivision
 Townhouse Subdivision
 Zero Lot Line Subdivision
 Strip Commercial Subdivision
 Commercial District Subdivision
 Industrial Park Subdivision


Article Seven: Design Standards

 Dedication of Public Improvement Standards 
 Development Name Standards
 Easement Standards
 Entryway Feature Standards
 Erosion Control Standards
 Flood Hazard Standards
 Incentive Standards
 Lot Establishment Standards
 Mixed-Use Development Standards
 Monument and Marker Standards
 Open Space Standards
 Owner's Association Standards
 Pedestrian Network Standards
 Perimeter Landscaping Standards
 Prerequisite Standards
 Storm Water Standards
 Street and Access Standards
 Street Lighting Standards
 Surety Standards
 Utility Standards


Article Eight: Nonconformances

 Nonconforming Structures, Uses and Lots 
 Nonconforming Structures
 Nonconforming Lots
 Nonconforming Uses


Article Nine: Processes

 Introduction to Processes 
 Improvement Location Permit
 Temporary Improvement Location Permit
 Administrative Appeal
 Development Plan
 Special Exception
 Subdivision of Land
 Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Text Amendment
 Zoning Map Amendment

Article Ten: Enforcement and Penalties


Article Eleven: Definitions