Permits & Inspections division provides the following services:

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Inspections within City limits for: building, air conditioning, air handling, demolition, electrical, fire extinguishing, footers, foundations, framing, heating, hood, plumbing, pool, suppression systems, ventilation, and water heaters.

(765) 983-7341

Inspections for trash and debris, housing code violations and tall weeds complaints.

(765) 983-7354

(765) 983-7342

Licensing of electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors

(765) 983-7341

Inspections within all Wayne County for weights and measures

(765) 983-4720


(765) 983-7341 

Permit Applications

Required Inspections

A minimum of 24 hours notice is to be given for all inspection requests.

Please Note: Inspections are scheduled on first come – first serve basis.

On commerical projects, the General Contractor is responsible for scheduling the Final Inspection

and insuring that all sub contractors are present at the inspection.

Only General Contractors or License holders or Permit holders may request scheduled inspections

and must be present at time of inspection.

All New Construction / Air Conditioning / Air Handling / Demolition / Electrical /

Fire Extinguishing / Footers / Foundations / Framing / Hood /

Plumbing / Pool / Suppression Systems / Ventilation / Water Heaters

Other inspections may be made upon request.