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Information Technology

The City of Richmond’s Information Technology Department assists City staff by enhancing the level of service they provide to the public, this helps increase the productivity of their departments, and improves the quality of life for the Richmond community.

Our staff procures, implements and maintains all City departments’ technology. This includes equipment such as computers, servers, networking, cabling, audio/video equipment, security systems, software, website, printers/copiers, GPS tracking, fax, landline, or cellular telephones. In addition, our Geographic Information System (GIS) Coordinator supports all departments with mapping, property and spatial data needs.

What does the future hold for Technology in Richmond’s Government?

2016 scripts the phase for new deployment. Richmond’s City Government will connect to citizens via mobile devices, social media, or other web-based infrastructures, forming a new type of citizen/government relationship. Your City’s Technology Department will be busy updating platforms, services and systems to better communicate and serve our citizens.

Contact Information:

Support Line:   765.983.7567         Support email: support@richmondindiana.gov