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Fire Prevention

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Public Education

The Public Education Division is responsible for education of fire and life safety to citizens in Richmond schools, businesses, and community organizations.

The Public Education Division has many tools and programs in which to deliver it's message to the public. The members of Public Education put on demonstrations at all grade level schools, senior citizen facilities, community organizations, and tours within our own fire stations.

The Public Education Division also handles any special event that the RFD is directly or indirectly involved with.

If you have any questions or inquires, or if you want to schedule a demonstration or talk for a group in the Richmond community don't hesitate to contact the Public Education Division at the numbers listed above

Don't forget to check your smoke detector at least once a month, and replace the battery twice a year.

Fire Investigations

Fire Investigations of the Richmond Fire Department is responsible for investigating fires that occur in the City of Richmond and two mile fringe. Fire Investigations investigates all fires including suspicious fires and explosions to determine the origin and cause.

Certified investigators conduct all phases of the fire investigation including interviewing witnesses, evidence collection, background investigations, appearing in court and assisting other public safety and private agencies. They also are required to attend a minimum number of educational schools and seminars to keep current on all-new investigation techniques and skills.

Nationally, arson and suspected arson is the leading cause of property damage exceeding $ 2 billion annually. Arson is the second leading cause of residential fire deaths and accounts for approximately 25 percent of all fires in the United States. National statistics show that 52 percent of arson fires occur in structures, 26 percent in vehicles and 22 percent in other categories. Juveniles account for 55 percent of all arson arrests.

Many times children begin playing with fire by the age of three. The age of accountability for juvenile fire setters is seven. Fire Investigations provides children and juveniles with assistance that has problems with fire playing and fire setting.

Anyone with information on suspicious fires may call the Richmond Fire Department at (765) 983-7266. In cooperation with the Indiana Arson an Crime Association, the ARSON HOT LINE (1-800-382-4628) is stationed in the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Anyone with any information on leads to arson activity and alleged arsonists may leave information and a phone number.


The Richmond Fire Department Inspections provides the community with inspection services for commercial business. Inspections also answers questions regarding the Richmond City burning ordinance, State of Indiana burning regulations and fire prevention related topics.

Our division enforces Indiana Fire and Building Codes along with numerous National Fire Protection Association standards that have been adopted by the State of Indiana.


Mike Davis
Chief of Fire Prevention
(765) 983-7268