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Public Works & Engineering

Our Mission

To serve the best interests of the safety and welfare of the citizens and employees of the City of Richmond as it administers the planning, design, and construction of transportation routes (vehicular, pedestrian, and aviation), public transit, and off-street parking.

Division Responsibilities 

The Division of Public Works & Engineering is responsible for the implementation and/or oversight of planning, design, and construction for the City's infrastructure (Streets, Sidewalks, Curbs, Utilities, etc.).

Additionally our Division...

  • Works closely with the Indiana Department of Transportation on State Road Projects within the City. Examples of these construction projects are the improvements on Chester Blvd. (US 27 North) and US 40 West. For a list of current or upcoming LPA projects click here...
  • Manages Local Public Assistance Projects that are funded with 80% Federal Highway Funds and 20% Local Funds. Examples are the Reid Parkway, Hodgin Road, Salisbury Road, and South "E" St projects.
  • Design and manage various infrastructure projects.
  • Maintains current and historical construction drawings for the City, including the Official City Street Map. For more information on maps and other resources click here...
  • Issues Right-of-Way Excavation Permits for any excavations within City Limits. For more information on Excavation Permits or to apply for a permit click here...
  • Oversees the management of the City's Airport and Public Transit System.
  • Pictures of past and current projects can be found here.

Contact Us...

Public Works & Engineering
50 North 5th Street
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: (765) 983-7394
Fax: (765) 962-7024

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